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Project: Talamh agus Anam
(Soil and Soul)

Environmental portraits on the Isle of Skye and the landscape which surrounds them

Growing up on the Isle of Skye I was surrounded by beautiful wilderness and community spirit. Taking advantage of capturing this rural beauty has greatly increased my appreciation of my own surroundings on the island.

From the age of ten I have worked aboard the MV Glenachulish between Skye and mainland Scotland. Working on board this vessel we meet hundreds of passengers a day and this increased my interest in people and how every person has a story to tell. Which lead to the start of photographing Skye community faces, along with their stories.

The Talamh agus Anam project- also inspired by my father's images of rural communities in the Himalayas- I wanted to make people aware of the rural communities in the highlands and to combine the community faces with the landscapes that encompass them. 

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